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Natasha Cabrera Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 74 references in this bibliography folder.

Zaslow, M, Halle, T, Cabrera, N, Calkins, J, Pitzer, L, and Geyelin Margie, N (2004).
Child Outcome Measures in the Study of Child Care Quality: Overview and Next Steps
Special Edition of the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management.

Fitzgerald, H, Mann, T, Cabrera, N, and Wong, M (2003).
Diversity in caregiving contexts
In: Handbook of Psychology, Volume Six: Developmental Psychology, pp. 135-167, Mahwah, Mahwah, NJ.

Gyamfi, P, Cabrera, N, and Roth, J (2003).
Three early child care initiatives
In: Early child development in the 21st century, pp. 201-224, Teachers College Press, Columbia University, New York, NY.

Cabrera, NJ (2002).
Father Involvement and Child Development: An Overview
In: Macmillan Psychology Reference Series, Volume 1: Child Development, ed. by N J Salkind, vol. 1, Macmillan Reference USA, New York, NY. Macmillan Psychology Reference Series.

Cabrera, NJ (2002).
Early Child Care Initiatives
In: Young Children's Education, Health, and Development: Synthesis and Profile, ed. by J Brooks-Gunn and L Berlin.

Cabrera, NJ (2002).
Policy and Intervention Programs for Low Income Fathers: An American Perspective
In: Fatherhood in the New Millennium: A Research and Policy Project, ed. by L Clarke and C Roberts, London, England.

Cabrera, NJ (2002).
What Are the Choices for Low Income Families? Cohabitation, Marriage, and Remaining Single
In: Just Living Together: Implications of Cohabitation for Children, Families, and Social Policy, ed. by A Booth and A Crouter, Lawrence Erlbaum, New Jersey.

Cabrera, NJ, Fitzgerald, H, Mann, T, and Wong, MM (2002).
Diversity in Caregiving Contexts
In: Comprehensive Handbook of Psychology, Volume 6: Developmental Psychology, ed. by R Lemer, A Easterbrooks, and J Mistry, vol. 6.

Cabrera, NJ, Hutchens, R, and Peters, L (2002).
From Welfare to Child Care
Miscellaneous publication.

Cabrera, NJ, Lamb, M, and Chuang, S (2002).
Promoting Child Adjustment by Fostering Positive Paternal Involvement
In: Promoting Positive Child, Adolescent, and Family Development: A Handbook of Program and Policy Innovations, ed. by R M Lerner, F Jacobs, and D Wertlieb, Sage, Thousand Oaks, CA.

Cabrera, NJ, Shannon, J, Tamis LeMonda, C, London, K, and Spellman, M (2002).
Beyond Rough and Tumble: Low-Income Fathers' Interactions and Children's Cognitive Development at 24 Months
Parenting, Science, and Practice Journal, 2(2):77-104.

Tamis-LeMonda, CS and Cabrera, N (2002).
Handbook of Father Involvement: Multidisciplinary Perspectives
Erlbaum Publishers.

Cabrera, NJ and Evans, J (2000).
Wither Fathers in Welfare Reform
Miscellaneous publication.

Cabrera, NJ and Evans, J (2000).
Welfare Reform and Its Consequences: What Questions Are Left Unanswered?
Miscellaneous publication.

Cabrera, NJ and Peters, E (2000).
Public Policies and Father Involvement
Marriage and Family Review, 29(4):295-314.

Cabrera, NJ, Tamis-LeMonda, C, Bradley, R, Hofferth, S, and Lamb, M (2000).
Fatherhood in the 21st Century
Child Development, 71(1):127-136.

Cabrera, NJ and Tamis-LeMonda, C (1999).
Perspectives on Father Involvement: Research and Policy

Cabrera, NJ, Tamis-LeMonda, C, Lamb, M, and Boller, K (1999).
Measuring Father Involvement in the Early Head Start Evaluation: A Multidimensional Conceptualization
In: .

Cabrera, NJ (1998).
The Executive Branch Policy Fellowship: Lessons on Policy and Research
Miscellaneous publication.

Cabrera, NJ (1997).
Rich Research Opportunities: The Report of the Roundtable on Head Start Research
Journal of the National Head Start Association:48-51.

Cabrera, NJ and Phillips, D (1996).
Beyond the Blueprint: Directions for Research on Head Start Families
, Washington, D C.

Cabrera, NJ (1995).
Violence By and Against Children in Canada
In: Violence in Canada: Sociopolitical Perspectives, ed. by J I Ross, pp. 127-152, Oxford University Press, Toronto.

Cabrera, NJ (1995).
Control and Prevention of Crimes Committed by State Supported Educational Institutions
In: Controlling State Crime, ed. by J I Ross, pp. 163-206, Garland Publishing, New York, NY.

Cabrera, NJ (1995).
Personal Beliefs, Critical Thinking Skills, and Reasoning Errors–How Illogical Are We?
Education Research Quarterly, 19(2):24-Mar.

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