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Natasha Cabrera Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 74 references in this bibliography folder.

Cabrera, N, Villaruel, F, and Fitzgerald, H (2011).
Latina/o Adolescent Psychology and Mental Health: Volume 2: Adolescent Development
Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO.

McFadden, K, Tamis-LeMonda, C, and Cabrera, N (2011).
Quality matters: Low-income fathers' engagement in learning activities in early childhood predict children's academic performance in fifth grade
Family Science, 2(2):120-130.

Cabrera, N (2010).
Father Involvement and Public Policies
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An Exploratory Study of Fathers Parenting Stress and Toddlers Social Development in Low-Income African American Families
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Father involvement and children-at risk in low-income families
In: Families as they really are, ed. by B. Risman. New York: W.W. Norton, chap. III, pp. 301-306.

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Early Intervention Programs: The case of Head Start for Latino Children
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Predictors of coparenting in Mexican American families and links to parenting and child social emotional development
Infant Mental Health Journal, 30(5):523-548.

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Mexican American Mothers and Fathers Prenatal Attitudes and Father Prenatal Involvement: Links to Mother-Infant Interaction and Father Engagement
Special issue of the Journal of Sex Roles, 60:510-526.

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Who Stays and Who Leaves? Father Accessibility Across Children First Five Years
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Explaining the Long Reach of Fathers' Prenatal Involvement on Later Paternal Engagement
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Latino Children in the U S
In: Chicago Companion To the Child, ed. by Shweder, R A (Ed ), University of Chicago Press, Chicago.

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Modeling the Dynamics of Paternal Influences on Children Over the Life Course
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Fathers' Influence on Their Children's Cognitive and Emotional Development: From Toddlers to Pre-K
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Methodological Challenges of Studying Low-Income Fathers
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From Welfare to Child Care: What Happens to Young Children When Single Mothers Exchange Welfare for Work
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Cabrera, N (2005).
Father involvement: Models and theoretical frameworks
Miscellaneous publication.

Cabrera, N (2004).
In their own voices: How men become fathers: Essay review of Involved fathering and men’s adult development: Provisional balances by Rob Palkovitz
Miscellaneous publication.

Cabrera, N (2004).
Guest Editorial
Miscellaneous publication.

Cabrera, N and Garcia-Coll, C (2004).
Latino Fathers: Uncharted territory in need of much exploration
In: The role of father in child development, (Fourth Edition), pp. 98-120, Wiley, Hoboken NJ.

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Fathering: A Journal of Theory, Research, And Practice About Men as Fathers:30-May.

Tamis-LeMonda, C, Shannon, J, Cabrera, N, and Lamb, M (2004).
Fathers’ and mothers’ play with their 2- and 3-year-olds: Contributions to language and cognitive development
Child Development, 75(6):1806-1820.

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