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Kris Marsh Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 15 references in this bibliography folder.

Castañeda, M, Zambrana, R, Marsh, K, Vega, W, Becerra, R, and Pérez, D (2015).
Role of Institutional Climate on Underrepresented Faculty Perceptions and Decision Making in Use of Work–Family Policies
Family Relations, 64: 711–725.

Marsh, K and Chaney, C (2013).
Staying Black: The Demonstration of Racial Identity and Womanhood among a Group of Young High-Achieving Black Women
International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, 26(10):1213-1237.

Marsh, K, Chaney, C, and Jones, D (2012).
The Strengths of High-Achieving Black High School Students in a Racially Diverse Setting
Journal of Negro Education, 81(1):39-51.

Nembhard, JG and Marsh, K (2012).
Wealth Affirming Policies for Women of Color
The Review of Black Political Economy, 39(3):353-60.

Smith, I, Marsh, K, and Segal, D (2012).
The World War II Veteran Advantage? A Lifetime Cross-Sectional Study of Social Status Attainment
Armed Forces and Society, 38(1):5-26.

Landry, B and Marsh, K (2011).
The Evolution of the New Black Middle Class
Annual Review of Sociology, 37:373-394.

Marsh, K and Dickerson, N (2011).
Racial and Ethnic Differences in Women's Marriage, Household Composition and Class Status, 1980-2008
Race, Gender, & Class, 18(1-2):314-30.

Marsh, K and Gross, M (2011).
Segregation, Residential
Encyclopedia of Race and Racism, Second Edition.

Harris, A and Marsh, K (2010).
Is a Raceless Identity an Effective Strategy for Academic Success among Blacks?
Social Science Quarterly, 91(5):1242-1263.

Marsh, K and Iceland, J (2010).
Racial Residential Segregation of Black Single Individuals Living Alone
City and Community, 9(3):299-319.

Chaney, C and Marsh, K (2009).
The Factors that Facilitate Relationship Entry among Married and Cohabitating African Americans
Marriage and Family Review, 45:26-51.

Myers, S, Darity, W, and Marsh, K (2009).
The Effects of Housing Market Discrimination on Earning Inequality
In: the Integration Debate: Competing Futures for American Cities, ed. by Chester Hartman and Gregory D. Squires, Routledge Press.

Marsh, K and Dickson, L (2008).
The Love Jones Cohort: The New Face of the Black Middle Class?
In: Black Women, Gender & Families, vol. 2(1), pp. 84-105.

Marsh, KM (2008).
Black Middle Class in the United States and South Africa
Miscellaneous publication.

Marsh, KD and Salters, D (2007).
The Emerging Black Middle Class: Single and Living Alone
In: Social Forces, vol. 86(2), pp. 735-762.

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