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Meredith Kleykamp Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 14 references in this bibliography folder.

Kleykamp, M and Hipes, C (2015).
Coverage of Veterans of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in the US Media
Sociological Forum, 30(2).

Hipes, C, Lucas, J, and Kleykamp, M (2014).
Status- and Stigma-Related Consequences of Recent Experiences in War: Evidence from a Laboratory Experiment
Armed Forces and Society.

MacLean, A and Kleykamp, M (2014).
The War at Home: Attitudes Toward Veterans Returning from Iraq
Social Problems, 61(1):131-154.

Kleykamp, M (2012).
Labor Market Outcomes among Veterans and Military Spouses
In: Life Course Perspectives on Military Service, ed. by Janet M. Wilmoth and Andrew S. London, Routledge: New York.

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Organized Labor and Racial Wage Inequality in the U.S., 1973-2007
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Kelty, R, Kleykamp, M, and Segal, D (2010).
The Military and the Transition to Adulthood
The Future of Children, 20(1):19-46.

Kleykamp, M (2010).
Where did the Soldiers Go? The Effects of Military Downsizing on College Enrollment and Employment
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Kleykamp, M (2009).
A Great Place to Start? The Effect of Prior Military Service on Hiring
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Hispanics and Organized Labor in the United States
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Military Service as a Labor Market Outcome
Race, Gender, Class, 14(3):65-76.

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College, Jobs or the Military? Enlistment During a Time of War
Social Science Quarterly, 87(2):272-290.

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Economic Inequality and the Rise in U.S. Imprisonment
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Kleykamp, M and Tienda, M (2004).
Physical and Mental Health Status of Hispanic Adolescent Girls: A Comparative Perspective
In: Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, ed. by David Bills. Elsevier, vol. 22, chap. -, pp. 149-85.

Western, B and Kleykamp, M (2004).
A Bayesian Change Point Model for Historical Time Series Analysis
Political Analysis, 12(4):354-374.

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