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Jessica N Fish Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 52 references in this bibliography folder.

Baams, L, Kiekens, WJ, and Fish, JN (In press).
The Rejection Sensitivity Model: Sexual Minority Adolescents in Context
Archives of Sexual Behavior:1-5.

Day, J, Fish, J, Grossman, A, and Russell, S (In press).
Gay‐Straight Alliances, Inclusive Policy, and School Climate: LGBTQ Youths’ Experiences of Social Support and Bullying
Journal of Research on Adolescence:1-13.

Fish, JN (In press).
Sexual minority youth are at a disadvantage: what now?
The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health.

Fish, JN and Krueger, EA (In press).
Reconsidering Approaches to Estimating Health Disparities Across Multiple Measures of Sexual Orientation
LGBT Health.

Fish, JN, Moody, RL, Grossman, AH, and Russell, ST (In press).
LGBTQ Youth-Serving Community-Based Organizations: Who Participates and What Difference Does it Make?
Journal of Youth and Adolescence:1-14.

Gameral, KE, Watson, RJ, Mouzoon, R, Wheldon, CW, Fish, JN, and Fleischer, NL (In press).
Family Rejection and Cigarette Smoking Among Sexual and Gender Minority Adolescents in the USA
International Journal of Behavioral Medicine.

Holman, EG, Laudry-Meyer, L, and Fish, JN (In press).
Creating Supportive Environments for LGBT Older Adults: An Efficacy Evaluation of Staff Training in a Senior Living Facility
Journal of Gerontological Social Work.

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Sexual Orientation Disparities in Substance Use: Investigating Social Stress Mechanisms in a National Sample
American Journal of Preventive Medicine:1-10.

Krueger, EA, Fish, JN, Hammack, PL, Lightfoot, M, Bishop, MD, and Russell, ST (In press).
Comparing National Probability and Community‑Based Samples of Sexual Minority Adults: Implications and Recommendations for Sampling and Measurement
Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Paceley, M, Fish, J, Thomas, M, and Goffnet, J (In press).
The Impact of Community Size, Community Climate, and Victimization on the Physical and Mental Health of SGM Youth
Youth & Society, 0(0):1-22.

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Diverse community contexts and community resources for sexual and gender minority youth: A mixed-methods study
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A snapshot of discrimination experiences among sexual minorities in the United States.
Journal of Homosexuality.

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Sexual Minority-related Discrimination across the Life Course: Findings from a National Sample of Adults in the United States
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LGBT Health.

Watson, RJ, Fish, JN, Poteat, VP, and Rathus, T (In press).
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LGBT Health.

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Fish, J and Baams, L (2018).
Trends in Alcohol-Related Disparities Between Heterosexual and Sexual Minority Youth from 2007 to 2015: Findings from the Youth Risk Behavior Survey
LGBT Health, 5(6):359-367.

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