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John J. Hisnanick Ph.D.

Supervisory Statistician, U.S. Census Bureau

Off Campus
2118 Edgewater Parkway
Silver Spring , Maryland 20903
Office Phone: 301-763-2295


  1. 1986, Ph.D., Economics, West Virginia University, Mathematical Economics, Econometrics and Labor Economics
  2. 1979, M.A., Economics, West Virginia University
  3. 1977, B.A., Economics, West Virginia University


Ph.D. economist with a broad range of technical expertise in applied microeconomics, labor and demographic economics and econometric modeling, with an emphasis on using longitudinal and cross-sectional national surveys to test various research hypotheses.

Dr. Hisnanick is Supervisory Statistician in the Longitudinal Income Statistics Branch of the Housing and Household Economic Statistics Division at the U.S. Census Bureau. He

  • Serves as the Chief of the Program Participation and Income Transfer Branch in the Housing and Household Economic Statistics Division, Demographic Directorate.
  • Develops, reviews and evaluates project plans required to meet the overall goals and objectives of the Longitudinal Income Statistics Branch,
  • Initiates and coordinates discussions with government, private, and public groups concerning their recommendations for questionnaire content, publication content, and public use of computer data files.
  • Provides assistance in designing income questions and processing systems to survey coordinators in the Demographic Surveys Division and other divisions who implement longitudinal surveys containing questions on income.
  • Prepares papers, articles, and monographs documenting Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP), Survey of Program Dynamics (SPD) and other longitudinal survey results, research projects, and evaluation of data quality for publication or presentation to professional organizations.
  • Represents the Household and Housing Economic Statistics Division at meetings with government officials and persons in the business sector concerning interpretation, limitations, and usage of survey results.
  • Responsible for dissemination of information concerning survey plans, results, and documentation to all interested division and Bureau personnel, persons in other government agencies, private business and the public.


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