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John Haltiwanger Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 90 references in this bibliography folder.

Haltiwanger, J, Jarmin, R, Kulick, R, Miranda, J, and Penciakova, V (2019).
Augmenting the LBD with Firm-Level Revenue
Center for Economic Studies, U.S. Census Bureau, CES Technical Notes Series(19-02).

Foster, L, Grim, C, and Haltiwanger, J (2016).
Reallocation in the Great Recession: Cleansing or Not?
Journal of Labor Economics, 34(S1, part 2):S293-S331.

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The Slow Growth of New Plants: Learning About Demand?
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Where Has All the Skewness Gone? The Decline of High Growth (Young) Firms in the U.S.
European Economic Review, 86:4-23.

Cooper, R, Haltiwanger, J, and Willis, JL (2015).
Dynamics of Labor Demand: Evidence from Plant-Level Observations and Aggregate Implications
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Haltiwanger, J (2015).
Job Creation, Job Destruction, and Productivity Growth: The Role of Young Businesses
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The Establishment-Level Vacancies and Hiring
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Who creates jobs? Small vs. large vs. young
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Job creation and firm dynamics in the U.S.
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Globalization and Economic Volatility.
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Haltiwanger, J, Jarmin, R, and Krizan, C (2010).
Mom-and-Pop Meet Big-Box: Complements or Substitutes
Journal of Urban Economics, 67(1):116-134.

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