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Ginger Zhe Jin Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 43 references in this bibliography folder.

Goldfarb, A, Jin, G, and Sudhir, K (2020).
Introduction to the Special Issue on Consumer Protection
Marketing Science, 39(1):1-4.

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Optimal Aggregation of Consumer Ratings: An Application to
Econometrica, also available as NBER working paper.

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Poor Quality Drugs and Global Trade: A Pilot Study
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Love, money, and parental goods: Does parental matchmaking matter?
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Solving shortage in a priceless market: Insights from blood donation
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Platform Prices at Sports Card Conventions
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Falsified or Substandard? Assessing Price and Non-Price Signals of Drug Quality
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Employer Contribution and Premium Growth in Health Insurance
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Seller Reputation: From Word-ofmouth to Centralized Feedback
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The Promise of Beijing: Evaluating the Impact of the 2008 Olympic Games on Air Quality
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The Retraction Penalty: Chain Reaction to the Discovery of False Scientific Results
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Does Health Insurance Coverage Lead to Better Health and Educational Outcomes? Evidence from Rural China
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The Informative Role of Advertising and Experience in Dynamic Brand Choice: an Application to the Ready-to-Eat Cereal Market
In: The Value of Information: Methodological Frontiers and New Applications in Environment and Health , ed. by Ramanan Laxminarayan and Molly K. Macauley, Springer.

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The Potential Consequences of Public Release of Food Safety and Inspection Service Establishment-Specific Data
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