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Elizabeth Washbrook Ph.D.

Elizabeth Washbrook, Ph.D.

External Affiliate

Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Methods for Education

University of Bristol

Off Campus

Bristol UK


My research draws on the statistical analysis of large and complex datasets to explore a variety of topics relating to family decision-making and trajectories of children’s development over the life course. I work extensively with longitudinal cohort study data to explore issues such as the long-term consequences of early socio-emotional problems; educational inequalities by social class, race/ethnic group and gender; and the links between parental behaviours and early child development.

A key strand of my research is methodological and focuses on developing and applying new statistical methods to large-scale longitudinal datasets. I have worked on methods for household panel data concerned with missing data and the modelling of unobserved heterogeneity at the household and neighbourhood levels. My work with the child cohort studies investigates methodological topics such as the modelling of developmental trajectories in the presence of measurement error and the harmonisation of datasets across countries. My current sabbatical project will explore the potential for applying machine learning methods to the study of the consequences of adolescent mental health problems.

My approach is explicitly interdisciplinary and international in scope. I aim to draw together insights from education, population health, demography, psychology, economics and other social sciences in order to better understand the social processes of human development. I am also motivated by the need to make fundamental principles and findings from complex quantitative analyses accessible to non-experts, and work to engage a range of non-academic stakeholders from policymakers to undergraduate students who are new to statistics.


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