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Christopher Antoun Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 12 references in this bibliography folder.

Antoun, C and Cernat, A (2019).
Factors Affecting Completion Times: A Comparative Analysis of Smartphone and PC Web Surveys
Social Science Computer Review:1-13.

Keusch, F, Struminskaya, B, Antoun, C, and et al (2019).
Willingness to participate in passive mobile data collection
Public Opinion Quarterly, 83(1):210-235.

Antoun, C, Conrad, F, Couper, M, and West, B (2018).
Simultaneous Estimation of Multiple Sources of Error in a Smartphone-based Survey.
ournal of Survey Statistics and Methodology, 7(1):93–117.

Parikh, S, Taubman, D, Antoun, C, and et al (2018).
The Michigan Peer-to-Peer Depression Awareness Program: School-Based Prevention to Address Depression Among Teens.
Psychiatric Services, 69(4):487-491.

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Design Heuristics for Effective Smartphone Questionnaires.
Social Science Computer Review,, 36(5):557-574.

Antoun, C, Couper, M, and Conrad, F (2017).
Effects of Mobile versus PC Web on Survey Response Quality: a Crossover Experiment in a Probability Web Panel.
Public Opinion Quarterly., 81(S1):280-306.

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Benefits of respondent mode choice in a smartphone survey.
Public Opinion Quarterly, 81(S1):307-337.

Conrad, F, Schober, M, Antoun, C, and et al (2017).
Text Interviews on Mobile Devices.
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Couper, M, Antoun, C, and Mavletova, A (2017).
Mobile Web Surveys: A Total Survey Error Perspective.
Wiley, New York. Total Survey Error in Practice.

Antoun, C, Zhang, C, Conrad, F, and Schober, M (2016).
Comparisons of Online Recruitment Strategies for Convenience Samples: Craigslist, Google AdWords, Facebook and Amazon Mechanical Turk.
Field Methods, 28(3):231-246.

Antoun, C (2015).
Who Are the Internet Users, Mobile Internet Users, and Mobile-Mostly Internet Users?: Demographic Differences across Internet-Use Subgroups in the U.S.
Mobile Research Methods: Opportunities and Challenges of Mobile Research Methodologies:99-117.

Schober, M, Conrad, F, Antoun, C, and et al (2015).
Precision and Disclosure in Text and Voice Interviews on Smartphones.
PLoS ONE, 10(6).

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