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MPRC Leadership Team

The Maryland Population Research Center draws together leading scholars from diverse disciplines to support, produce and promote population-related research of the highest scientific merit.

January 2017

Michael S. Rendall, Director

MPRC Center Director Michael S. RendallDr. Rendall joined the University of Maryland in the fall of 2011, moving from the RAND Corporation where he was Senior Social Scientist, Director of the Population Research Center and Postdoctoral Program in Population Studies, and Associate Director of the Labor and Population Division. His methodological work has included evaluation of data quality in fertility, family structure, and international migration; elderly poverty measurement; new statistical methods for combining survey and population data; and new methods for the simulation of cohort lifetimes and population dynamics. His substantive work has included exploration of relationships of socio-economic inequality and social policy to fertility, household structure, and migration. His current research topics include migration between Mexico and the United States over the 1990s and 2000s, migration and social-demographic outcomes of New Orleanians following Hurricane Katrina, and modeling the development of obesity across U.S. childhoods.

Sangeetha Madhavan, Associate Director

Sangeetha MadhavanDr. Madhavan is Associate Professor of Demography and Sociology in the Department of African American Studies. She has a wide range of research interests including children’s well-being, household and family change, parenting, intergenerational relationships, transition to adulthood and social capital formation in the context of sub-Saharan Africa. Currently she is working on two projects: 1) fathering among low income Black men in urban South Africa and 2) social connectivity and children’s well-being in rural South Africa. In addition, she has started working on a new line of research on single motherhood and children’s well-being in urban Kenya. Her recent publications appear in Demography, Population and Development Review, Population Studies, and Journal of Family Issues. Dr. Madhavan has been an active member of the MPRC community since her arrival at the University of Maryland and has served as a member of the MPRC Executive Committee since 2010.

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Our Center is funded by an infrastructure grant from the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. Center funding is designed to support grant recipients in their research. Please get in touch if you have suggestions for activities that can better help you submit a successful grant application or that can support funded research.