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Information Services

MPRC's Information Services unit is tasked with supporting the Center's research mission with information management, public/media relations, and collaboration resources.

Faculty research support

The Information Core's primary mission is to act as a first-stop reference for faculty seeking specialized research tools.

filab-homeFront-end web services for MPRC faculty. In addition to providing a population-focused biography page for each Center Associate, Information Services regularly supports faculty requests for specialized web services to support research and teaching responsibilities. These services range from discrete subsites supporting a specific project, to conference coordination pages, to storage and access of datasets and papers for student or public access.

PubMed Central. Information Services personnel will upload MPRC scholar articles to PubMed Central and manage compliance as needed.

Working Papers Program. We actively seeks out interdisciplinary working papers from MPRC Faculty Associates and prepare them for uploading to the Population Working Papers website.

Research tools. Information Services maintains lists of population-related journals and provides links to researchers looking for back issues or seeking submission guidelines.

Multi-media aids. Our personnel are trained and equipped to assist in the devlopment of multimedia products to aid faculty in their job of communicating their findings in the most effective way possible.

Media relations. Information Services staff generate press releases and coordinate media contacts related to research conducted on Center projects.

Infrastructure and mission support

Information Services supports the Center's administrative needs. Some examples :

  • Research, design, develop, and implement software tools for Center administration
  • Bring user-centered interface design skills to information-sharing problems

students_paaStudent services

We support the MPRC Student Research Affiliate program by coordinating student workshops, providing information regarding poster development for PAA, and providing resources for monitoring and tracking the progress of students and mentors participating in the Interdisciplinary Training Program in Population Studies.

APLIC participation

Information Services staff actively support the Association of Population / Family Planning Libraries and Information Centers International (APLIC). APLIC serves as a "community of practice" for information professionals, enhancing the research process not only at MPRC but throughout the population research community.