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Title Description Tags State
Google searches for ‘n-word’ associated with black mortality UMD-led study first to link an Internet query-based measure of racism to death rates Research, Faculty impact, Social and Economic Inequality, Chae, Wilson external
Dagher and Hofferth: Unplanned pregnancy is associated with quicker return to work after childbirth Longer, paid maternity leaves are needed to support maternal and child health Research, Hofferth, Dagher, Faculty impact external
Problem Behaviors: Intergenerational Continuity or Resilience? The Rochester Intergenerational Study examines patterns in behavior over three generations Criminology, Children, Faculty impact, Thornberry, Research external
Mind the Gap: Urban Youth Falling Through the Cracks of Public Health Policy Dr. Craig Fryer investigates nicotine and marijuana dependence among urban youth of color Fryer, Research, Faculty impact external
Laurie DeRose: The World Family Map Project The World Family Map Project investigates what makes families strong Health in Social Context, Sociology, Research, Faculty impact, DeRose, Gender, Family, and Social Change, Social and Economic Inequality, People and Place external
Understanding and Predicting Crime “Hot Spots” Former felons share knowledge about how (and where) criminals plan their crimes Faculty impact, Criminology, Porter, Research, People and Place external
The Healthy Generations Program: Improving Access to Mental Health Care New model of integrated service delivery makes mental health services more accessible to teenaged parents Gender, Family, and Social Change, Faculty impact, Health in Social Context, Research, Social and Economic Inequality external
Measuring Kinship Support for Children of Single Mothers Sangeetha Madhavan investigates the effects of social and economic change on children's lives in Nairobi Gender, Family, and Social Change, Research, Faculty impact external
How does interview methodology affect interviewer variance? Frauke Kreuter compares the effectiveness of commonly-used face-to-face interview methods Faculty impact, Survey methodology, Research, Kreuter, Social and Economic Inequality external
Mexico-US Migration during the Great Recession Andrés Villarreal investigates the causal origins of the recent decline in migration from Mexico to the United States Latin America, Research, Labor market, International, Faculty impact, Sociology, Migration, Faculty Associate, Immigration, Villarreal, People and Place external
Cabrera joins the National Research Center on Hispanic Children and Families New research hub aims to improve policies and programs that serve Hispanic children and families Faculty impact, Gender, Family, and Social Change external
Longer maternity leaves could decrease the risk of postpartum depression Dagher urges employers to consider providing longer maternity leaves Health in Social Context, Gender, Family, and Social Change, Research, Faculty impact external
Parenthood Decisions and the Ticking Biological Clock Philip Cohen and Gneisha Dinwiddie investigate whether children born later in life are at greater risk for disabilities Research, Faculty impact external
Gneisha Dinwiddie Investigates Links Between Race, Lifelong Stress, and Cardiovascular Disease Ongoing social and economic stress leads to racial and ethnic disparities in cardiovascular disease outcomes Social and Economic Inequality, Research, Health in Social Context, Faculty impact external
Developing Nations: "Our Pollution is Your Consumption" MPRC Faculty Associate Klaus Hubacek demonstrates how material consumption in rich countries is fueled by pollution and environmental destruction in the develop... Faculty impact, People and Place, International, Social and Economic Inequality, Research, Geographic Sciences, Environment, World Bank, Hubacek external
Race, Gender, and Educational Achievement Odis Johnson investigates how social issues affect education Children, Johnson, Odis, Faculty impact, Ethnicity and race, Social and Economic Inequality, Research, Education, African American Studies, Odis Johnson, Child ... external
Affordable Care for All? Faculty associate Jerome Dugan investigates the relationship between socioeconomic status, health insurance coverage, and affordable quality care Faculty impact, Social and Economic Inequality, Research, Health in Social Context, Dugan, Health disparities, Public policy external
How Does Time Use Data Illuminate Important Social Patterns? Liana Sayer starts a new Time Use Lab at the University of Maryland Children, Sayer, Faculty impact, People and Place, Transition to adulthood, Child development, Research, Time use, Immigration, Sociology, Gender, Family, and S... external
Finding Economic Solutions for America Faculty associate Katharine Abraham brings home experience from two years serving on the White House Council of Economic Advisors Joint Program in Survey Methodology, Faculty impact, Economics, Research, Public policy, Employment, Abraham external
Race, Gender, and Obesity: How the Social Environment Constrains or Enables Physical Activity Faculty associate Rashawn Ray investigates the social and environmental changes needed in order to remove neighborhood barriers to regular physical exercise Faculty impact, People and Place, Ethnicity and race, Social and Economic Inequality, Research, Health in Social Context, Obesity, Health disparities, Sociology... external

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